Bento #26: Minecraft Mondays Presents…Dr. Trayaurus from The Diamond Minecart


Dr. Trayaurus (or Minecraft villager) sandwich bento (from The Diamond Minecart)

I’m on a mission to bento-fy the rest of The Diamond MInecart regulars. Dr. Trayaurus, Dan’s sometimes helpful, sometimes naughty best friend, is next on the agenda. My son was kind enough to eat this ham Trayaurus sandwich as a contribution to he cause.

Sometimes Minecraft characters can be a little bit difficult to make into food; the sharp edges and pixelated details don’t always transfer to a medium where human error and soft foods reign supreme (for example: I had to remake my Jemma lunch because I just couldn’t get her hair right the first time. And I can’t tell you how many times I recut Sqaishey 2.0’s beak. I got lots of carrot snacks that day).

Trayaurus, on the other hand, was done in about five minutes. Big square of bread, big square of ham, rectangle of ham nose, rectangle of bread crust mouth. Squares of cheese and cucumber for the eyes, and a rectangle of nori for the eyebrows. There! You have a semi-evil genius sandwich.

The rest of the consists of carrot and cucumber squares, madarin orange segments, and Doritos. I also rolled the leftover ham and speared it onto a colorful food pick. A KitKat (can you see it hiding in the corner) makes another appearance in the roll of dessert.

Have a nice Monday, everyone. 🙂

~ K.

(P.S. – I just now noticed how much my Trayaurus-wich looks like a blocky, ham colored Bert from Sesame Street. It’s a double-duty lunch!)


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