Bento #5: iBallisticSquid

He is a slippery fellow, isn’t he? YouTuber extraordinaire and charter member of the Magic Animal Club iBallisticSquid is the star of today’s lunches. Squid is a huge favorite in our house; the kids admire his Minecraft adventures the most. His Let’s Play videos have crossover audience appeal, too. Hearing iBallisticSquid’s signature “Helllooo eveeerybody!” can get even the … More Bento #5: iBallisticSquid

Bento #2: Stampy (aka, Stampylonghead) with Barnaby and Gregory

Heeelllllooooo, this is Stampy! Is there any kid who doesn’t love Minecraft Let’s Play videos? Mine are sure devotees. I’ve had to ration YouTube access to ensure that they do something, anything else with their free time. Even though I’ve had to limit their air time, I do love Stampy and the Magic Animal Club, … More Bento #2: Stampy (aka, Stampylonghead) with Barnaby and Gregory