Bento #27: Jake from “Adventure Time”

Jake the Dog has some of the best advice for life. I think of it every time I look at photos of old charabens I’ve made, though it applies to pretty much any human endeavor:

Adventure Time meme

In honor of Jake’s wisdom (and the awesomeness that is Adventure Time, cartoon extraordinaire), I give you the Jake the Dog bento.

Jake the Dog Adventure Time bento

I think he’s quite taken with the hot dogs and kani salad, myself.

Jake was made from turmeric/saffron sushi rice and decorated with nori and white American cheese. Besides the hot dogs and kani salad, there were steamed green beans and shiitake mushrooms, corn, and a salted tomato slice.

If you’re thinking that the sides deviated a little from our usual bento fare around here, you are correct! Because I am supremely evil, I made Jake while the kids were at school. That means that I got to pick the sides (I could eat flying fish roe with a spoon, by the way) AND I got to devour everything myself.

Don’t feel too badly for the kids, though. There are a lot more Adventure Time┬ácharacter to make and eat. ­čÖé

Jake the Dog Adventure Time Bento Closeup


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