Bento #24: Minecraft Monday Presents… Sqaishey Quack!

A few weeks ago my Instagram account got a huge boost when the ever-lovely Amylee 33 reposted a photo of the tribute bento I did for her Minecraft avatar. A lot of very nice people took a look at my old photos and left lots of likes and positive feedback – thank you so much, everyone who was so kind over there (and everyone here who’s so kind, of course!) A few people pitched requests in the comments section, which I love – new ideas are great. I think Sqaishey Quack was hands-down the most frequently asked-for personality. And I completely understand why – Sqaishey is one adorable duck.

I actually did a Sqaishey bento months ago. I cut out carrots with mini alphabet cookie cutters so that I could put her name on top of some salad. I pulled up that picture to post it after I launched this blog…and realized that I’d misspelled her name. I always want to add a “u” and leave out the “e” when I type her ‘nym, and that it is exactly what I did with the carrot letters. Ah, me.

So, I give you the Sqaishey Quack bento, 2.0!

Sqaishey Quack Minecraft YouTube bent

I cooked sushi rice with saffron and turmeric to make Sqaishey’s face. Her beak is made from carrot, and her eyes are white American cheese, nori, and blue egg sheet. The foods I’ve seen her eat most in her videos are carrots and pumpkin pie, so I made tiny versions of them. The carrot was done out of carrot (of course) and cucumber stood in for the greens. The pumpkin pie was bread cut in a circle, covered with pumpkin cream cheese, and topped with a “crust” that was cut from the heel of the loaf.

The other sides were cucumber squares, apples cubes, an egg sheet flower, and salami rolls (I know the kitty pick should have been a marmalade cat to match a certain YouTuber’s famous avatar. I had to work with what was on hand, though). The dessert was Kinder Bueno pieces, which were hiding under the tiny pie.

Sqaishey Quack MInecraft YouTube bento closeup

Hope everyone has a good start to the week. To all my fellow U.S.-ians, I hope you’re enjoying the holiday. 🙂 Stay safe, everyone – and if you’re somewhere hot like I am, stay hydrated!

~ K.


6 thoughts on “Bento #24: Minecraft Monday Presents… Sqaishey Quack!

      1. LOL! I believe we may have a deal in the works I cannot do my own but I have been good at doing others strangely (but that’s because I do not like pointy things coming near my eyes) Though I put in contacts, LOL

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