Bento #5: iBallisticSquid

He is a slippery fellow, isn’t he?

iBallisticSquid bentos

YouTuber extraordinaire and charter member of the Magic Animal Club iBallisticSquid is the star of today’s lunches. Squid is a huge favorite in our house; the kids admire his Minecraft adventures the most. His Let’s Play videos have crossover audience appeal, too. Hearing iBallisticSquid’s signature “Helllooo eveeerybody!” can get even the kids’ grandmother to move a chair next to the computer and watch along. 🙂

Our Squid is based on his most recognizable Minecraft skin – a dark blue cephalopod with a cheerful red mouth full of fangs. You can see his side-eyes on the close-up below.


Squid’s blue color comes from rice cooked with dried butterfly pea flowers. I added a little teriyaki sauce to darken it up (and add some sweet-salty flavor). His eyes are white American cheese with nori details for the pupils. His mouth is a circle of tomato topped with a fancy circle of cheese “teeth.”iBallistcSquid bento small

The sides are a school of hot dog octopi (some cephalopod pals for Squid), carrot flowers, sliced green apples, and rounds of corn. The ubiquitous mini KitKat shows up for dessert once again.

iBallisticSquid bento large

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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