Bento #2: Stampy (aka, Stampylonghead) with Barnaby and Gregory

Heeelllllooooo, this is Stampy!

Stampy stampylonghead Minecraft Dogs Barnaby Bento

Is there any kid who doesn’t love Minecraft Let’s Play videos? Mine are sure devotees. I’ve had to ration YouTube access to ensure that they do something, anything else with their free time.

Even though I’ve had to limit their air time, I do love Stampy and the Magic Animal Club, too. Their videos are fun AND wholesome. They all deserve a bento tribute, but we’ll start with Stampy and a couple of his loyal dogs.

Stampy stampylonghead minecraft bentoFirst up, Mr. Stampy Cat. I try to shy away from food coloring when I make the kids’ lunch, but this time I was up against a wall. I’ve tried mixing carrot and squash into sushi rice to get the proper color; that yielded good visual results, but my daughter said the taste was lacking. So this time I had to resort to the bottle to make most of Stampy’s signature fur. He’s decorated with nori and white American cheese, and I used (more) food coloring to paint the green irises onto his cheese eyes.

Stampy stampylonghead minecraft dog bentoThe dogs (Gregory and Barnaby according to my daughter) are sushi rice colored with bottled teriyaki sauce. Their eyes and nose are nori, and the patterned fur is made with white American cheese.

stampy stampylonghead minecraft cake bentoAnd of course, if there’s Stampy there must be cake! This one is made from half of a vanilla sandwich cookie topped with pink candy sprinkles.

Stampy stampylonghead minecraft dogs bentoI have some more Magic Animal Club bentos in the works. Stay tuned to see if your favorites end up in food form. 🙂

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


3 thoughts on “Bento #2: Stampy (aka, Stampylonghead) with Barnaby and Gregory

    1. Thanks! I should edit the post with a link to Stampy’s YouTube channel so that everyone can check him out. I’m so immersed in kiddie world that I didn’t even think about anybody being unfamiliar with the Minecraft Let’s Play-ers. 🙂

      Also, I’ve lurked on your blog for a long time, I’m a big fan. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from your dosiraks, bentos, and recipes. I’ll make sure to link back if I use any of them in a post.

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