Bento #28: “X-Files” Time

…and she’s back!

I hope you can all forgive my unexpected hiatus. My life imploded for a bit, and everything has finally settled back into place. Nothing fatal or permanent happened, but my blog posting suffered as a result; first it was impossible, and then it was unappealing (I kept up with my Instagram the entire time, FWIW – you can check my feed for the food art I managed to finish over the last – eek! – four months). But now I’m finally ready to be a responsible blog owner again. Hurrah!

Now that I’m rolling, I’m going to shake up my posting format a bit. The new words of the day are “brevity” and “practicality.” Here’s my first entry for the new Floribento order:

In honor of Fox’s The X Files reboot, I present you with my version of Agent Mulder’s iconic UFO poster. I know that it’s not exact, but you have to work with what you’ve got. 🙂 If you were just a scamp (or not around, period) during the nineties and have no idea what all of us old codgers are banging on about, here’s a Wikipedia rundown of the old series. It was mostly very, very good, and it still holds up pretty well now if you can get past the occasional twenty year old fashion faux pas.

X-Files "I want to believe" bento
The truth is out there, Scully.

Ingredient breakdown:
UFO compartment: Rice colored with ground black sesame seeds and hand-shaped with saran wrap. Black details are nori. Text is alphabet pasta colored with food coloring pens (h/t 5 am Bento for that idea). Tree and landscape details are romaine lettuce.

Sides, top right compartment: Mixed vegetable salad.

Sides, bottom right compartment: Sweet corn, sliced sauteed hot dogs, peach mochi daifuku.

Not pictured: salad dressing, pickles (to eat with the rice).

Thanks for stopping by. And keep watching the skies!

~ K.



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