Bentos #29, 30, and 31 – Valentine Round-Up

Love is in the air, and in my daughter’s lunchbox

Bento #29: Gretchen the Dog with a Flying Heart

Dog and heart sandwich bento
Dog and heart sandwich bento

Rectangular Box:

Decorated sandwich: Cheese, nori, and bread crusts to make our loyal family hound, Gretchen; egg whites and pepperoni for the the flying heart. Sandwich is just white bread and butter.

Sides: Sliced hot dogs, rolled egg white omelet.

Flower Box:

Sliced cucumbers, carrot flowers, checker board apple, grape tomatoes, Happy Hippo cookie.

Bento #30: Valentine Bear with Roses

Valentine bear bento
Valentine bear bento

Bear: Sushi rice shaped with plastic wrap, nori facial details. Roses made from grape tomatoes (tutorial here) and lettuce.

Sides: Decoratively cut apple, carrot and cucumber salad, cocktail hot dogs, Babybel cheese with heart cut-out.

Not pictured: Thermos of miso soup.

Bento #31:  Happy Heart Sandwich Bento (vegetarian)

Heart sandwich bento vegetarian
Heart sandwich bento

Sandwiches: White bread filled with raspberry jam and shaped with a specialty cutter. Happy face made with nori.

Sides (clockwise from sandwiches): Heart shaped cherry tomatoes (tutorial here); Happy Hippo cookie; carrot flowers; strawberry hearts; string cheese cut and speared on heart mini forks.

* * * * *

Hope everyone has a romantic weekend. Or a satisfyingly un-romantic one. Your choice. 😉


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