Bento #25: Snack Bento Round-Up (Bears and Minions and Creepers, Oh My!)

I had a busy time of it last week – there were errands to run, extracurriculars to attend, and workouts to restart (I need to stop getting out of my fitness routine; getting back into it is always so demoralizing). As a result I ended up doing a few fairly simple snacks for my little guy. I’ll start with easiest to most elaborate.

First up, the cucumber Creeper! If you want to add some Minecraft to a kid’s lunch, you can’t do much easier than adding a Creeper to whatever green thing is around. For the Creepercumber below, I added some nori squares to make his angry little face. There were also salami rolls, chocolate graham cookies, raspberries, and more cucumber slices.

Creeper Minecraft snack bento

Next, some mini Minions. They were made with the leftover saffron rice from my Sqaishey bento. I cut some quick circles out of white American cheese and then fashioned some goggles and smiles out of nori. I also added some ham rolls, carrot coins, and a vanilla Oreo.

Mini Minions snack bento

Finally, a watermelon bento featuring a happy, fruit-loving bear. The bear was made from sushi rice with nori for his features. I fashioned his watermelon slice out of a half-moon of cucumber (which I cut into a “rind” with a circle cutter), then filled with a semi-circle of crab stick. The seeds were black sesame. The sides were a slice of real watermelon, cucumber slices, and ham rolls.

Happy watermelon bear snack bento

Hope everyone enjoys their day as much as that little guy seems to have enjoyed his watermelon. 🙂

~ K.


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