Bento #20: Pikachu and Pokeball Bento

Pikachu wants you to eat your veggies. He recommends the corn today.

Pikachu bentos

I was originally just going to make the pokeball onigiri for this lunch, but darn if that corn didn’t make me think of a cheerful little Pikachu in the waiting. Add some tomato slices and nori, and voila – everyone’s favorite Electric-type is starring in my kids’ lunches.

The pokeballs are made from plain rice and rice colored with ketchup. Nori adds the black details, and another circle of tomato made the red center.

The sides are deco-cut hot dogs, various veggies, and petite cocoa cookies for dessert.

Pikachu, by the way, is packed in my kids’ prized Pokemon bento boxes. Here’s a shot of the boxes with their decorative lids, so that you can appreciate their full glory. ^_^

Pikachu bentos - lids closed

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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