Bento #21: Bunnies in the Garden Bento and Shy Tiger Snack Bento

These are a couple of simpler bentos that I threw together on a busy morning last week. They’re not terribly fancy, but the kids thought they were still pretty cute (AND tasty…which is of course the most important part 🙂 ).

Bunnies in the garden simple bento

First up, the bunnies in the garden. This was a bento full of side dishes for E. Her main course was a Thermos full of spaghetti, and these bunny food picks were frolicking among her proteins, veggies, and dessert. Starting left to right, there is cucumber and tomato salad, salami slices folded into rosettes, cut-up string cheese, corn, petite cocoa cookies, and carrot flowers.

Shy tiger ham and cracker snack bento

J. usually gets snacks handed to him at pre-K, but on this day he asked for some specially packed nibbles. He got ham rolls on a food pick, some more carrot flowers, apple slices, cucumbers, and some crackers. I added a shy tiger pick to jazz up the cucumbers; I love the way he seems to be peeping around the baran.

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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