Bento #16: Plants vs. Zombies Snack Bento

All plants, no zombies. That’s how we roll around here.

Plants vs. Zombies Snack Bento

I’m constantly late to trends. At this point I think it might be something in my psyche, if not my DNA, that makes me ignore things until everyone else is way past the point of caring. If I’m still blogging in 2018, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be raving about Game of Thrones, Season 1… because I’ll finally have gotten around to watching it. I should probably start brainstorming how to make an Iron Throne out of bread crusts and carrot sticks.

So it’s only fitting that my family got hooked on Plants vs. Zombies two weeks ago. My whatever-it-is-I-have-going-on must have infected the kids, too.

Anyway, here’s a tribute snack bento to our house’s new favorite old game app! Bread and veggies make up the all-plant ensemble, with nori details for the features and white American cheese for the Wall Nut’s big eyes. The Pea Shooter is carved out of cucumber and is (of course) resting on a bed of sweet peas. The Sunflower is a wagon wheel of corn topped with some bread crust. And the Wall Nut is a tiny peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich.

Plants vs. Zombies Snack Bento close up

Since this is a pretty meager snack for two growing kids, I also included some not-pictured seasoned rice crackers in another container.

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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