Bento #17: Owl Bun Snack Bento

I have to say that I’m enjoying these little snack bentos. They’re easy and quick, and it’s fun to think of how many little details you can squeeze into a smaller package. If anyone is interested in doing charabens, I’d say that making fancy snacks would probably be a good way to start.

On to the owls!

Owl bun snack bentos

Monday was baking day, and I had a little bit of dough left over from my batch of hot dog buns. Those became these wee, ┬árolls, which in turn became bready owls for the kids’ snack bentos.

The owls’ features are made with white and orange American cheese and nori. The buns themselves are filled with raspberry jam. Sides are fresh berries (raspberries for my son, blueberries for my daughter), veggies, salami roses, and a vanilla sandwich cookie.

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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