Bento #15: Bear snack bentos

And I’m back!

If you’ve glanced at my Instagram you’ve probably seen how beautiful my vacation was. We actually spent more time drinking coffee with cousins and aunties than lounging by the Aegean, but it was a great trip no matter where we were sitting. I’ll probably plaster my Saturday post with vacation pictures. Right now, though, I’ll get back to lunches.

Or in this case, snacks.

Bear snack bento

My husband is actually going to be home for the next couple of weeks, so dinners/lunches that we used to carry with us to classes and activities will be eaten at home so that we can soak up his presence (the Mister travels a lot for work, so his home time is precious when we have it). Kidly appetites aren’t going anywhere, though, so instead of eliminating the bentos, I’ve had to downsize them from meals to snacks.

Yesterday’s playgroup snack was fruit with cheese and crackers. I started out trying to make a lion from the apples and blackberries, but that tanked most profoundly. So the apple became a bear, and the blackberries went into a cup. My son’s bear has a slightly pointed chin because I had to carve some of the berry stained bits away.

Bear snack bento close up

The bear is made from a round piece of Granny Smith apple, round food picks, and nori details. You can also see the cheddar flowers, butter crackers, and the berries (of course). I wasn’t going to include a dessert with a snack, but I needed something to stop things from jostling around and the KitKat was the perfect size. So much for good nutritional intentions. 🙂

Happy nibbling, everyone! It’s good to be home again.

~ K.


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