Bento #10: Minion fruit salad

Sorry, Stuart. I know that you prefer bananas, but we have none today. How about a pineapple instead?

Minions fruit salad

This is my most recent Minion creation. I actually got to consume this fella myself, since the littles don’t want anything to do with beef burritos or fresh pineapple. They’ll eat bean burritos and canned pineapple by the truckload, though – kids, right?

I do wish that the pictures could do this justice – it was super cute in real life, and really easy to make.

Minions fruit salad close-up

Stuart the Minion is made from a slice of cored pineapple. A round of Granny Smith apple makes the white of his eye, and decoratively cut cucumber forms his goggles. Nori makes the pupil of his eye and his mouth. Took about five minutes to make (not including the time I had to rummage for my circle cutters… they always manage to fall to the bottom of my cookie cutter box).

The rest of the fruit and veggie salad is composed of blackberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, and Gala apple flowers. I also had a reheated-from-frozen beef burrito with sides of sour cream and home made curtido.

To my fellow U.S.-ians, enjoy the movie this weekend. And of course:

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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