Bento #11: Amy Lee33

Are you a cute recruit?

Amy Lee33 sandwich bento

Oh, Amy Lee, I wish I’d done a better job on your tribute sandwich. You’re an adorable YouTuber and my daughter is madly in love with your Pony Paradise videos. But I just couldn’t get your Minecraft skin’s makeup right. My dog didn’t mind, as she got to enjoy the jam-smeared bread slices that I discarded one by one. But the clock finally ran out, and I ended up with an entirely too plain mermaid princess.

Amy Lee33 sandwich bento close-up

Sandwich Amy Lee is made from white bread and jam (the hair pieces were flattened with a rolling pin, cut, and then smeared with raspberry preserves). The eyes are made from more bread pieces and bits of blueberry. A slice of grape serves for a mouth, and more blueberries halves become a crown.

The sides are all meat-free since Amy Lee is a vegetarian in real life. There are cucumber slices, carrot hearts, corn rounds, grape tomatoes, and string cheese cut into cubes and decorated with a doggy pick. Amy Lee loves both Minecraft and real animals, so her lunch needed a puppy pal. And you’ll never guess what’s for dessert (hint: it’s a KitKat. It’s almost always a KitKat).

Just typing this up has given me all sorts of ideas for a new and better Amy Lee tribute lunch. It may take a while for me to make them happen, but they’re a-coming. Stay tuned, Minecraft fans. 🙂

Oh, and happy nibbling!

~ K.


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