Bento 8#: It’s So Fluffy!!!!! (Ie., Some Minions and a Unicorn)

Seriously, guys –

Minions Unicorn Despicable Me

It IS really fluffy.

In honor of the upcoming U.S. release of The Minions Movie, I’m pulling some of my favorite Minions bentos off my SD card and posting them here. I’ll start things off with a Despicable Me a sandwich bento I made for my daughter in the spring. I’d wanted to do a unicorn lunch for quite a while, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to do the main event in a form that my kid would eat. Then I found this binder on a Google image search. And I decided, “hey, I can work with this!”

Despicable Me Unicorn bentoSo the unicorn became a sandwich. I cut the bottom layer of bread so that it would fit in the container, then spread it with raspberry jam (the mane portion). The top I cut with a paring knife until it was vaguely horse-shaped, spread with cream cheese, and laid on the jammy portion. The horn was made out of bread crust, and the eyes were bread scraps decorated wtih nori. The nostrils were also nori, and the bridle/stitching was some red gel icing from a squeezy tube.

Minions Despicable Me bento

The Minions were yellow cherry tomatoes decorated with nori and white American cheese.

Side dishes were blueberries, carrot and cucumber shapes, and cocktail hot dogs, with a mini KitKat for dessert.

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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