Bento #7: Happy Fourth of July

What’s more American than Cap’s sheild?

Captain America's shield bent

Answer: not much.

This is an old bento, one of the first I ever made to be honest. I lifted the Captain America idea from the Bento for Kidlet blog (link here), and tweaked it to meet my son’s tastes and our available groceries. Mine is salami and provolone cut into the proper sizes with circle cutters and then layered. I colored the smallest one blue and added a cheese star to the top. The shield sits on some sushi rice squares, which the little guy devoured with the accompanying ketchup.

Sides are broccoli, carrot stars, and some Avengers shaped chocolate graham cookies.

Have a nice holiday, fellow U.S.-ians! And have a lovely day to everyone outside of the States. I’ll be on an airplane myself. We’re off to Europe for a two-week visit with my husband’s side of the family. I have posts scheduled for the time we’re away, but I’ll mostly be AFK until the week of July 20th. I’ll do my best to jump in every now and then to respond to or approve comments. So please forgive me if I’m slow – life is just getting in the way, like it does. 🙂

Thanks so much, everyone!

And happy nibbling!

~ K.


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