Happy Bat-urday: Painted bat


Painted bat

This little fella ended up in my Pinterest feed courtesy of the Florida Museum of Natural History (who in turn found it on the Mother Nature Network). I’d never heard of painted bats before, but they sound pretty great.

A little tidbit from their Wikipedia page:

“Small groups of these animals are often found in the most unlikely roosts such as in the suspended nests of weaver finches and sunbirds or under the eaves of huts. Doubtless the bright and broken coloration of these bats is a form of camouflage to protect them while they roost in vulnerable sites. Although nothing is known of their reproductive habits, Painted bats have nuclear family units – that is, a mother, a father, and young. Hunting flights last around 1–2 hours.”

More painted bat facts here.

Have a good weekend.

~ K.


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