Bento #4: Dan from The Diamond Minecart

Gotta love a guy who rocks a pair of goggles so well.

DanTDM bentos

Please excuse all of these pictures, by the way. Time got away from me, so instead of my usual well-lit set up, I had to take them under flourescent lights in a cafeteria while my kids hovered hungrily to the side.

Anyway, Dan from The Diamond Minecart is the star of today’s bento. He’s my daughter’s current favorite among the YouTube Lets Play-ers. He has lots of rollicking adventures with his wife Jemma, his buddy Dr. Trayaurus, and his dog Grim. I especially enjoyed Dan’s trip to Candyland.

DanTDM large bento closeup

Bento-Dan is a ham sandwich on regular white bread. A slice of the crust, stuck to the bread with a dab of butter, is his hair. I cut nori with scissors to make his goggles frame and eye/mouth details. The rest of his eyes are White American cheese. The lenses in his goggles are the same, but I soaked those cheese pieces in butterfly pea flower extract first to get the nice blue color.

DanTDM small bento closeup

The side dishes are a Babybel cheese round, cucumber slices, and a carved apple (it says “TDM” if you can’t figure it out – I’m still working on my fruit carving skills). My daughter also got a few pieces of cispy fried ham and some cherry tomatoes.

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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