Bento #3: Hundley from “Curious George”

This is a very dignified lunch.

IMG_0750Hundley, the upstanding lobby dachshund from PBS’s Curious George cartoon, likes everything neat and organized. If any dog would enjoy a good bento, it would be him. He’d just have to finish it quickly before George comes along with usual good-natured mischief (and the inevitable mess).

Hundley small sandwich bentoHundley is made from scissor-cut American cheese. His facial details are made from nori, and he’s stuck to the sandwich with butter. Inside the bread is fried egg whites. A little salami is decorated with monkey pics (had to get George in there somehow).

Hundley large sandwich bentoThe side dishes are sliced cucumbers, some extra egg white for my daughter, and mini KitKats for dessert.

I’m pretty pleased with how Hundley turned out. I’ll have to tackle the main monkey himself next time.

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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