Bento #1 – Nova and Spidey from TV’s “Ultimate Spider Man”

spider man novaLet’s start things off with a couple of super sandwiches.

The littles are pretty big fans of the Ultimate Spider Man cartoon series (the one where Spidey joins forces with S.H.E.I.L.D. and a whole crew of teen heroes – check it out if you like action cartoons and haven’t caught this one, it’s pretty good). So when my son need a packed lunch for playgroup, it was time to make his favorite characters: Nova and, of course, Spidey himself.

Nova Spider Man sandwichNova is made out of ham, egg sheet, white American cheese, pepperoni,and nori (just for the mouth). I cut out the egg, cheese, and meat details with scissors and layered them on a piece of bread punched out with an oval cutter.

Spider ManSpider Man was even easier. He’s done with raspberry jam spread on bread (cut with the same oval cutter and then shaped a little more with scissors). Scraps of bread make his eyes.

Side dishes were carrot coins, Trader Joe’s petite cocoa baton cookies, and some Avengers shaped cheese crackers.

Nova Spider Man

Happy nibbling!

~ K.


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